🌟✨Night Sparkle🌟✨

🌟✨Night Sparkle🌟✨

March 02, 2020

At The First Hint Of Spring We're Off To An Amusement Park!

"Finally A Break From The Cold" I Scream!

The Wind Takes My Breath Away As We're Whipped Around On A Roller Coaster!

We're Taken To The Very Top And All Of A Sudden It Stops.

My Love Looks At Me And Smiles.

Oh No! We're Going Down Again And I Give A Sharp Scream!

My Hearts Beating Hard In My Chest! We Hold Hands Tight As We Are Turned Upside Down Then Right Back Around!

"Aww!!!" "That Was Awesome!" I Exclaim! "Let's Do It Again!"


🌟✨Night Sparkle🌟✨ 

              Part 1

Product Feature w/ this LOVE STORY💗 - 

🌇💋Midnight Stroll⚡⚡⚡


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