🌟✨Night Sparkle🌟✨ Part 2

🌟✨Night Sparkle🌟✨ Part 2

March 04, 2020

At The First Hint Of Spring We're Off To An Amusement Park!

"Finally A Break From The Cold" I Scream!

The Wind Takes My Breath Away As We're Whipped Around On A Roller Coaster!

We're Taken To The Very Top And All Of A Sudden It Stops.

My Love Looks At Me And Smiles.

Oh No! We're Going Down Again And I Give A Sharp Scream!

My Hearts Beating Hard In My Chest! We Hold Hands Tight As We Are Turned Upside Down Then Right Back Around!

"Aww!!!" "That Was Awesome!" I Exclaim! "Let's Do It Again!"

                                                      Part 2

We've Spent All Day At The Amusement Park! The Afternoon Quickly Turns Into Night. 

He Takes My Hand And Pulls Me To A Carnival Game. He Puts Me In Front Of Him And Places His Hands Around My Waist.

"Look." He Whispers In My Ear. "Watch Me Win This Game!"

"I'll Win You The Biggest Bear On Display!" "There's Only One!"

"No One Else Will Have The Same!"

An Ear To Ear Grin Quickly Spreads Across My Face!

"Yeah?" "You'll Try Your Hand At It?!" "The Biggest One?!" I Exclaim.

He Slides Back In Front Of Me And Walks Up To The Booth To Play.

"Step Right Up!" The Game Attendant Exclaims.

It's A Shooting Game. The Targets Are Faux Flying Ducks.

The Booth Attendant Starts The Game Up.

They Begin To Move With The Carnival Music And You Hear Quack Quack! Quack Quack!

My Love Quickly Grabs The Faux Riffle And You Hear 6 Straight Shots!

"All Perfect Bulls Eyes!" Yells The Attendant! "That's The Top Prize!"

He Won! And I Truly Got The Only Big Bear They Had On Display!

"WOW!" I Exclaim!

The Carnival Lights Dance Around Us As He Pulls Me Close Into A Warm Embrace.

We Watch The 🌟✨Night Sparkle🌟✨ Locked In Each Others Embrace.


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