May 25, 2021


㊗Grand Opening JUNE 5, 2021㊗

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We Have Moved!!!📦🚚
March 08, 2021

We Have Moved!!!📦🚚

We Have Moved!!!📦🚚

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Inventory Updates!!!
January 20, 2021

Inventory Updates!!!

Inventory / Website Updates!!!  💗👩‍💻🎉

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Welcome To Rag Diva 💗

RagDiva is an Online Inspired Clothing Store Specializing In Womens Modern And Trend Setting Fashion. We Hope To Meet All Your Fashion Desires, As Well As Make A Difference In The Lives of Those In Need, As We Give To Charity Organizations Around The World That Support Our Various Missions💗. " Together We Can Make A Difference." -RAGDIVA

🍁💗Cozy Embrace🍁💗

I Open My Eyes And Roll Over In My Bed. 🥱

There Next To Me I See My Love Sleeping Soundly On The Other Side, Still Resting His Sleepy Head. 😴

I Decide To Get Dressed And Make Breakfast, Putting On A Cute n Cozy 2 Piece.👗

But Then As I Began To Get Up, I Suddenly Feel A Strong Hand Grab Me By The Wrist And I'm Pulled Back Down Again! 😨

"Hey!" "What Are You Doing?!" 😳

"No!" He Replies. "Don't Get Up Yet!" "I Want Us To Stay In Bed...! 🥰💗💋

🌸💗Everlasting Sweetness🌸💗

Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue. All That Comes To Mind Is 🌸💗Everlasting Sweetness🌸💗 When I Think Of You.

🍂💗London Stroll 💗🍂

The Kiss Was Only But For A Moment, But It Still Seemed To Linger Upon My Lips.

He Slowly Removes His Hands From My Hips And Places My Hand Back On His Arm.

"Take It Easy My Love, We're In Public Place!" He Says To Me Playfully.

I Gently Give Him A Small Push And We Continue To Walk Along. 

We Continue To Enjoy The City Streets On Our Final 🍂💗London Stroll 💗🍂.

💗🤸‍♀️Passion Flower💗🤸‍♀️

It's A New Year And Everyone Seems To Be On A Fitness Kick!

Starting New Diets And Buying Workout Supplements.

It Makes Me Want To Join In All The Fun And Get A Gym Membership!

I Pass By The Mirror And Stop To Take A Look At Myself. My Love Passes By And He Sees Me Staring At Myself.

"What Are You Doing Standing In The Mirror Looking Like That?"

"Oh I Know." He Says.

"You Must Have Realized How Gorgeous You Are And It Stopped You In Your Tracks!" 

💋💗Dashing Diva💗💋
August 06, 2020

💋💗Dashing Diva💗💋

My 💋💗Dashing Diva💗💋. . .

With Just One Look You Set My Soul On Fire!

The Fragrance Of Your Hair, The Softness Of Your Lips.

Your Sun Kiss Skin And The Tingling Feel Of Your Finger Tips.

You Set My Heart On A Blaze.

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🌊🌞Summer Beach 🌞🌊
April 09, 2020

🌊🌞Summer Beach 🌞🌊

The Shore Is Glistening As The Sun Shines Down On The Gentle Waves.

The Wind Blows My Hair Back From My Shoulders.

The Heat Is Dying Down With The Sunset As We Walk Along 🌊🌞The Summer Beach🌞🌊.

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🔥💋Evening Out 🔥💋
March 09, 2020

🔥💋Evening Out 🔥💋

My Love And I Are Going Out To Night. 🥂💋

He Wishes To Take Me Out For A Sweet Evening Just For Two. 💗💋🥂

I Search The Shop For Something New. 👗

I Can't Keep Myself From Day Dreaming About To Night. And What We Are Going To Do. 💭😆

My Mind Drifts Back Into Fantasies Of Romance. 🥰💋🔥💗

OMG! Girl Get A Hold Of Yourself! 🤣😅

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