💗🤸‍♀️Passion Flower💗🤸‍♀️

💗🤸‍♀️Passion Flower💗🤸‍♀️

January 24, 2020

It's A New Year And Everyone Seems To Be On A Fitness Kick!

Starting New Diets And Buying Workout Supplements.

It Makes Me Want To Join In All The Fun And Get A Gym Membership!

I Pass By The Mirror And Stop To Take A Look At Myself. My Love Passes By And He Sees Me Staring At Myself.

"What Are You Doing Standing In The Mirror Looking Like That?"

"Oh I Know." He Says.

"You Must Have Realized How Gorgeous You Are And It Stopped You In Your Tracks!"

I Couldn't Hide The Big Smile That Quickly Started To Spread Across My Face.

"Hey Babe?" I Turned To Him To Say.

"Do You Think I Should Get A Gym Membership?"

He Stopped And Looks At Me For A Second Wide Eyed.

"Is That Why You Were Looking At Yourself In The Mirror That Way?"

He Walks Up To Me And Puts His Arms Around My Waist, Holding Me Tightly In A Strong Embrace.

"My Dear There's Nothing Wrong With Your Physique!" ''I Love You Just The Way You Are!" He Says And Gently Kisses My Cheek. 

"There's No Need To Change A Thing, My Sweet 💗🤸‍♀️Passion Flower💗🤸‍♀️."

"I Will Always Love You Through THICK And THIN, For I Know Your Heart Will Always Stay The Same!"

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