πŸ’—β˜• Hot Chocolate ⚑⚑⚑

πŸ’—β˜• Hot Chocolate ⚑⚑⚑

October 25, 2019

We Continue Our Stay In Paris, France. And It's Now At The The End Of The Day.

He Takes Me Out To Have Lunch At A Near By Cafe.

We Sit Down At A Table For Two.

He Then Sweetly Asks Me, "So My Love, How Was Your Day?" "And Why Is It That You Look So Blue?"

"Oh!?" I Reply. " I Don't Mean Too!"Β 

"And That's What I Should Be Asking You, By The Way! You First Bae! "How Was Your Day?"

I'm Literally Sitting On The Edge Of My Chair! I Know I Look So Nervous, As I Sit There, Twirling My Fingers In My Hair.

He Looks Back At Me Intently, Taking Notice Of Every Move.

"You Needn't Worry About Any Negative News!" " I Have None Babe, So There's No Need To Look So Blue!"

"What!?" I Exclaim!

"But What About The Rival You Said, The One That Knows I'm Here?!" "You Pretty Much Told Me You Thought He Might Tell!"

"I Was So Scared Today I Didn't Even Leave Our Hotel!"

He Then Sighs And Shakes His Head. "I Told You Not To Worry My Love!" And That I Would Handle Everything Instead!"

"I Talked To The Company Trip Manager And Explained Our Situation As If I Was Planning It In Advance, Making It Seem As Though I WasΒ Only Just Thinking Ahead."

"He Told Me, That Is Why I Have A Traveling Budget And I May Use It For BusinessΒ Concerning All Of My Needs."Β "If I Have A Personal Assistant, He Or She May Accompany Me."

"Either Way You're Fine, Because Just In Case, All Your Expenses Have Been Personally Paid."

"Oh!" "OMG!" I Exclaim!

"I Can't Believe You Did That!" "And Just For Me!"

He Takes My Hand And Kisses It Softly. "Your The Thing I Look Most Forward Too."Β Β 

"Nothing Else Matters, But Just To See You At The End Of My Day." "You Completely Fulfill Me, All Of My Expectations Are Met."

He Passes Me A Cup Of Warm πŸ’—β˜• Hot Chocolate ⚑⚑⚑ And Says.

"Please My Love Drink!" "I Do Not Like, What You've Told Me!" "I Never Want To See You Stressed." "No More Hiding In The Hotel Room!"

"That's Not How I Imagined How You'd Spend Your Days On This Trip, So I Promise That You'll The Enjoy The Rest!"




Joanna said:

And she was worried for nothing!


Kimberly said:

I love the stories here, they’re so sweet! ❀️

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