🍂🌞Morning Light🍂🍁

🍂🌞Morning Light🍂🍁

October 26, 2019

It's 7:30am In The Morning And Im Sitting Outside Enjoying The Cool Crisp Autumn Air.

We're Both Packed And Ready For Our Flight.

It's Our Last Day In France. It Was A Week Of True Paradise!

We Stayed In A 5-Star Hotel That Looked Like A Mini European Resort!

In The Late Afternoon We Went To The Town Square, To See The Sights, Eat Authentic French Pastries, To Try The Sweetest Treats And Sorts.

We Passed By A Bar And He Was Able To See The Countries Top Sports!

And Of Course We Visited Every Shop And Boutique I Saw On The Street! I Got At Least One Small Thing From Every Single Boutique!

We Took In The Deep And Old Architecture And Felt The Vibes Of The Paris City Streets.

We Ate In French Cafes Surrounded By Sweet Music, Wines And Candle Lights.

But The Best Time Of The Evening Always Happened Right In Our Hotel Suite.

Every Night That Was Spent Was Filled With Nothing But Pure Passion And Intense Heat.

Rose Petals, Candle Light, In Room Bubble Baths, Sweet Soft Music And All Under The Romantic Moon Light.

Covered Gently From Head To Toe With His Kisses And My Cashmere Robe.

Trapped In His Arms I Fall Into A Deep Sleep. Wrapped In His Tight Warm Embrace.

Our Feet Tangled In The Sheets. Ecstasy And I Seem To Always Meet.

"Oh, How He Treats Me So Well." I Whisper Aloud. My Heart Skipping A Beat.

Reminiscing In These Last Few Moments, Of What Seemed To Be A Dream Of A Lovely Paris Trip.

Under The Warm  French Sun. In The Beautiful 🍂🌞Morning Light🍂🍁.



Roxanne said:

What a dream! 🤤

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