🐯💕Wild Love ⚡⚡⚡

🐯💕Wild Love ⚡⚡⚡

November 01, 2019

"Yes! You Shall Spend The Rest Of The Day With Me!"

I Look Up At Him Comically.

Before I Get A Chance To Say Another Word, He Takes My Hand And Pulls Me Along Side Him.

Immediately I'm Consumed By The Scent Of Him And I'm Whisked Away In His Long And Steady Stride.

"Where Are We Going?! I Muster Up Enough Breath To Say!

"Away!" He Replies!

"We'll Finish Our 🍂🍁Autumns Outing🍁🍂 Alone!" "Just You And Me!"

"We Won't Be Bothered By A Single Soul!"

"I'm Going To Take You Some Where Special!" "Some Where I've Longed For You To See!"

We Hop Into His Car And He Revved The Engine At The Turn Of The Key!

Then Off He Speeds Away With Me! "Hey Slow Down!" Why Are You Gong So Fast?!" I Plea!

He Then Turns And Looks At Me. "Hush My Love, Everything's Fine." "Don't You Trust Me?" "Plus We Don't Have Alot Of Time!"

I Nod My Head And Look Away, Not Able To Hold His Fiery Gaze.

Where Are We Going? I Can't Help But Wonder. We're Leaving The City Behind Completely.

We Drive Past Trees Just As Tall As The Skies! I Can't Believe The Sight As It Unfolds Before My Eyes.

We Drive Up Into The Cool Mountains Far Away From The 🌃💗Warm Cityscape ⚡⚡⚡.

We Reach The Top And Park On A Level Plateau. Oh My Gosh! We're Nearly On The Edge Of A Cliff!

I Tightly Close My Eyes! And Muffle A Shriek! "Hey, What Are You Doing Babe!" " Look Up And See!"

I Slowly Do As He Says And The Sight Amazes Me! There I See. A Sunset That Takes My Breath From Me!

A Clear Beautiful View Over The Mountains Trees, With The Sunset's Colorful Hues Illuminating The View.

"Wow!" I Whisper. "This Is So Beautiful."

"This Is What I Think Of You!" He Turns To Me And Says.

In His Eyes I See His Passion. It Makes Me Want More Of This 🐯💕Wild Love ⚡⚡⚡ To Unfold.

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