✨💗Ocean Sand⚡⚡⚡

✨💗Ocean Sand⚡⚡⚡

October 30, 2019

We Continue To Walk Along Side Of The Beautiful Beach.

Holding Each Others Hands Ever So Tightly.

Side By Side Each Other In Silence, Completely Void Of Speech.

I Look Up At The Evening Stars And Begin To Think.

I Feel Like The Happiest Woman In The World!

I Turn To My Side And Catch Him Staring At Me.

I Smile And Give Him A Little Wink. I Gently Replay His Loving Words In My Head.

"In My Eyes There's 💎💎Only You💕😘 My Sweet."

He Stops Walking In Our Silence And Then Both Our Eyes Meet.

He Gets Down On One Knee And My Heart Skips A Beat.

"OMG!" "My Love?" "What Are You Doing?!" I Say Aloud!

Is He Going To Propose To Me!!!

He Takes My Hand In His And Looks Straight Up At Me.

"My Dear, My One And Only Sweet." "You Are My One True Love!" "Forever Together." "That Is How I Wish For Us To Be." My Dear, Will You Please Marry Me?"

I Stand There For A Moment In Complete Shock! I Couldn't Believe What I've Just Heard!

"Hey, . . . My Love?" "Are You Alright Babe?" He Stands Up, To Meet My Surprised Gaze.

"YES!" I Exclaim! " YES I WILL MARRY YOU!" I Yell At The Top Of My Lungs!

I Scream With Joy And Excitement! He Laughs And Hugs Me In Return!

He Picks Me Up And Spins Me Around! And Right When I'm Put Back Down

Our Lips Come To Meet. I Feel Him And His Passion. I Feel The Heat Of Lips And The Warmth Of His Embrace.

I Feel The Desire Of His Heart. This Moment I Will Always Remember. From My Memories, It Shall Never Pass Away.

I Shall Remember It All. From The Way He's Kissing Me And The Feel Of

The ✨💗Ocean Sand⚡⚡⚡ Beneath My Bare Feet.


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Jessica said:

This is my favorite!!! 👰❤️

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