🌸💗Everlasting Sweetness🌸💗

🌸💗Everlasting Sweetness🌸💗

October 16, 2019

As I Sit A Cross The Restaurant Table, I Find Him Staring Intently At Me.

He Tilts His Head And Smiles And Passes A Letter Towards Me.

For A Sweet Moment I Gently Gaze Into His Eyes With Great Wonder.


"Is This For Me?"

My Gaze Drops Down To The Letter And I Begin To Think.

First A Surprise Bouquet Of Roses And Now We're About To Eat!

And Now He Has Prepared Me A Love Letter, . . . My Heart Skipping A Beat.

I Slowly Open It Up And I'm Completely Surprised To See!

My Love Wrote Me A Poem! "Oh My!" I Gasp.

How Super Sweet!

I Look Up In Surprise And His Eyes Are Beaming At Me!

I Look Back Down And Slowly Began To Read.

"Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue."

"All That Comes To Mind Is 🌸💗Everlasting Sweetness🌸💗

When I Think Of You."

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