🌊🌞Summer Beach 🌞🌊

🌊🌞Summer Beach 🌞🌊

April 09, 2020

The Shore Is Glistening As The Sun Shines Down On The Gentle Waves.

The Wind Blows My Hair Back From My Shoulders.

The Heat Is Dying Down With The Sunset As We Walk Along 🌊🌞The Summer Beach🌞🌊.

He Takes My Hand And Turns To Me And Says.

"Let's See The Sun Tonight."

Then He Literally Sweeps Me Off My Feet And Spins Me Around!

In His Arms I'm Hug Tightly So, With His Lips Pressed Against Mine.

The Sun Goes Down, Giving It's Final Glow.


Product Feature w/ this LOVE STORYπŸ’— -Β 

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